Initial Training


Sure something’s about the Philippines may seem different, but many things here are the same.  For instance, yesterday when my brother asked me for help picking out the important parts of his reading, I told him that I could not give him the answers, but I could guide him a little.  I told him that in general, in order to understand any given situation, one must ask: Where? When? What? Why? and How? I explained that if he could identify the answers to these questions he would probably understand what was happening.  As we worked I was thinking that approaching a report in this fashion was uncommon here, although I am not sure why.  As we then worked through the questions my brother’s father came in and was observing my lesson.  He heard me explain for the 10th or so time that these questions are important, and then when his son started to challenge again, he said something along the lines of, this is similar to the basic reporting we do as police at work, 5 W’s and an H, adding who? to my list (which I had just forgotten).


In that moments I felt many things:

First I was surprised by my ignorance, just because people live more simply does not make them less intelligent,  although it does limit their access to information.

Second I was happy to see our similarity, happy that the father seemed to understand where I was coming from, that I was on the right track.

And Finally I was proud, not only because my lesson was on the right track, but because the father had approved of my lesson, he had defended it.


Long story short, the people of the Philippines are more like us Americans than one might expect on the surface, but in reality our humanness makes us similar.  We all love, we all hunger, and we all dream.

My time here in Sabang is drawing short, on Sunday I will find out where my permanent site will be, however we have already experienced so many things, from new foods and a new language, to snorkeling in the mangroves and among the corals, I have been having a good time and have stayed healthy.  Until next time, watch out for the rain.



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