Initial Training

So I have been in the Philippines for almost a week and I wanted to check-in with you all. So far we have mostly been just getting introduced to staff and other trainees, however we have in the last day started our first real training sessions. I will be working on a little longer summary of what we have been up to in the next few days and will hopefully be posting it before we head off too our real training site. Beth and I found out that our training sites will be pretty close together, only a few kilometers, so that is great news. Otherwise everything is going great! To my parents: I will work on figuring out Skype in the next few days, I will send you an email if it will work.

Have a good one.


2 thoughts on “Initial Training

  1. Hey Kevin bacon, please be so kind as to hook me up with Beth’s blog also. Hope you are having a great time, working on seeing you soon.
    Loves, Ruth
    P.S. Don’t forget I’m not necessarily coming to visit you – just to have a base from which to operate!

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